New Orleans Beignets and Music

Our visit in New Orleans took an unexpected turn when just a few minutes outside of the city EJ got a fever. This would not normally have been a big deal but she had just fought off a week long fever before Christmas and I sure didn't want to see her have to go through another.

Fortunately we had a nice place waiting for us at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base just a short drive south of New Orleans and she got a good night's sleep before we stopped in the city.

We cut our sightseeing short in the french quarter and just stopped for beignets at Cafe Du Monde. 

The fried powdered dough was as glorious as ever.

When we were telling EJ about what New Orleans was famous and mentioned the street musicians her response (in true Amelia Bedilia fashion) was "that's not safe, their instruments could get broken." She had a point. Fortunately the cars avoided the musicians and their instruments were safe..

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