Cross Country East

It has been six months since our cross country trip out west. Since the kids were such great road warriors we decided to take them back across the country. The trip had a two part motive. First to say farewell to family and friends and second to button up our rental properties.

We are taking the southern route this time so they will get to see some new scenery. DaddyO broke the drive down into the following seven legs.

San Diego, CA to Las Cruces, NM
685 miles
Las Cruces, NM to White Sands, NM to Dallas, TX
667 miles
Dallas, TX to New Orleans, LA
504 miles
New Orleans, LA to Pensacola, FL
202 miles
Pensacola, FL to Beaufort, SC
532 miles
Beaufort, SC to Norfolk, VA to Souderton, PA
755 miles
Souderton, PA to Bethlehem, PA
25 miles
 3,370 miles

It will take us a week and a half, a bit of a slower pace than last time, to give us the opportunity to visit and see the sights. 

We got an early start on Day 1 out of Coronado. 

We transferred the kids asleep and got a hundred or so miles on the odometer before they woke up.

We pushed through the Arizona and new Mexico dessert and the kids were excited to see the classic cactuses and tumbleweeds along the road.

Trip Advisor has become my favorite app for finding great food along our route. We had an authentic Italian dinner waiting for us upon arrival in Las Cruces and enjoyed it in the comfort of our hotel room.

Fortunately there was a heated indoor pool for the kids to get some energy out in before we cuddled up on the beds and watched the ball drop in NYC.

It was a fitting way to ring out the New Year. 2013 started with moving out of our house in Norfolk and ended with moving out of our house in San Diego. It will be just family time living out of a hotel room the next couple months.

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