Under the Sea Birthday Party

January Blues are not a problem in our house. EJ is quick to remind us that her birthday immediately follows Christmas and as soon as the holiday decorations are put away we are off planning her special day. I got to plan her first one all on my own, she had some say for number two (Grandma's and Avia's), and by number three it was all her. 

She knew exactly what she wanted for her 4th birthday, an underwater Ariel birthday. Simply as she explains "because I love to swim." She has never seen the movie but is fully aware of the princess. Since we would be at the Grandparents her birthday weekend Grandma swam with the idea.

We had a small "tea time" get together with everything based on the theme. EJ picked out the cake she liked and I had fun making it. Her peg doll princess came in handy for the the topper.

Grandma made an assortment of treats.

EJ filled up her plate.

CJ was quite excited to eat with her..

Grandma's jellyfish pinata was a hit.

Hit after hit that is. The kids eventually broke it open!

Then EJ got to sit on her "throne" and blow at the four candles.

In her mind she was officially four!

The friends and family who attended made the party very special for her.

EJ will always remember turning four thanks to you!

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