Peace Garden Stone

Each year we make a garden stone for our families. It started with EJ's first Christmas when we wrote "The Fruit of the Spirit Is" and then put her hand and foot prints in the wet cement. Then we continued with "Love" and Joy" the last two years. Peace is the fruit this year which seemed only fitting.  Looking back at all the change in 2013 we pray that 2014 will be especially peaceful as we settle into our new home.

I got out the molds and stamps as DaddyO  mixed the concrete.

We have developed a quick system for making the stones.

First we imprinted the kids' hands and feet.

It is getting a bit crowded fitting both in and we will have to switch to just one or the other when the third child is added next yeat. For now though it is fun for the kiddos to remember the size of both.

We then stamped the year, initials, and fruit.

We added some pieces of my china teacups this year. The blue and white gave a tranquil feel and a reminder that we headed to Asia this year.

The cement set quickly and the stones were ready to be popped out and transported. Now there will be one more stone on Grandma's walkway into the house. EJ always has fun stopping and checking out how her hands have changed through the years.

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