New Mexico New Year

Our first day of 2014 was spent seeing some pretty spectacular sights.

We enjoyed a hotel breakfast.

Then headed an hour north from Las Cruces.

Our destination was a unique dessert location surrounded by mountains and a missile range.

DaddyO learned of White Sands National Monument while he was stationed in Las Cruces for a couple weeks training students. I remember him calling me from one of the dunes amazed by the vast white sand and quiet that surrounded him.  He was excited to return as a family and give us the same experience.

The terrain didn't change until we entered the gates of the park. The sand turned white and the cactuses and bushes dissapeared. 

We parked,
climbed over a big dune,

and let the kids run free.

The dead silence was broken with squeals of delight as they ran up the dunes and slid down.

I had fun with the shadows.

If we had more time we could have rented sleds to ride down the dunes. For our visit the kids bumb's worked just fine.

From there we started off for the long leg to Dalla, TX. Little did we know that we'd be passing through a mountain range in New Mexico that had snow. Fortunately the road was clear but there was enough snow alongside to get the kids excited. We stopped for a minute to make snowballs.

From there the trip was uneventful and pretty uninteresting as we pushed through Dallas.

Thanks again to Trip Advisor we found a phenominal Chinese restaurant in the little town of Abileen. Ranked in the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the nation it was surprisingly affordable. We had tables by the kitchen so the kids could watch the chefs while we ate.

The bright Dallas skyline was a welcome sight.

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