Norfolk Stopover

We pushed north from Beaufort for the longest leg of our trip. With fifteen plus hours of pure driving ahead of us, we left at 4 a.m. hoping the early morning would help us get some miles on our odometer before the kids woke up. Unfortunately a flat tire just a couple hours in changed those plans.

Of course the kids chose that morning to sleep in late. It wasn't until the new tires were finally installed that they started to stir.

That made our day a bit longer but we still pushed for a stopover in Norfolk to see Uncle J and his family. I'm sad to say the highlight of CJ's trip was seeing larger than life french fries. He acquired a taste for the salty snack on our trip and was excited to follow the truck.

The kids got their energy out running around with Uncle J's newest family member and then it was back in the car for the last six hour drive we would be doing to PA for a while. It was almost midnight by the time we rolled up to Avia's house. The kids were still awake and excited to see her. It was a good feeling having the long drives done.

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