Souderton Gingerbread House

We had good intentions of making a gingerbread house over Christmas but never made it past baking the pieces from the molds. When Avia offered to make one with the kids EJ was quite excited. She has some great memories from years past making them with Avia and what could be better than a cookie house covered with candy?

They mixed up the dough and the then pressed it into Avia's Longaberger molds.

They baked them until firm and then popped out the pieces.

The kids then had to wait while the pieces firmed up even more overnight. In the mean time, candy was on their minds. They went on an excursion to the market with Avia and returned with a bag full of candy.

The next morning it was time to construct the house. Avia was very brave to attempt the project on her own with two little ones who love to munch on candy.

Avia used her years of experience building gingerbread houses with kids and an hour or so later they had a standing house.

Getting to eat the candy off a few days later was added fun.

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