A Tower View

One of our highest priorities when we arrived in Japan was to find a house. The last time we were stationed here, we lived off base in Yamato and loved our house. At 1,500 square feet it was larger than most, had a beautiful Japanese rock garden, spacious kitchen, numerous traditional Japanese rooms, and was located just a short walk to the train station. We hoped to find something similar off base but we knew it would be difficult.

We had been in touch with real estate agents and the Atsugi housing office prior to our arrival, but finding a place would have to be done in person. The day after we arrived DaddyO headed to housing to check-in and came back with some interesting news. Housing had just completed a total renovation to one of the towers and had some four bedrooms units available. The normal wait time for a four bedroom unit is over a year so we initially ruled out living on base with the arrival of dash three of the clan. I was up for a four bedroom and we headed straight over to see how the renovations turned out.

We took an elevator up to the eighth floor and entered a unit that could be our home. I must say I was impressed. I could feel myself getting excited about the view, some nice storage closets, the walk in closet, and wood flooring. The 1,700 square foot layout and design were well thought out. I started envisioning the rooms with our furniture in it.

Here is the entrance way.

A view across the living room and dining room toward the kitchen.

A view from the kitchen through the dining room and living room. A large porch with storage closet sits at each end. One overlooks the flight line (CJ will get to watch the planes land and take-off) and the other view is of Ayase City. 

The kitchen.

Walk in pantry.

Master bedroom with walk in closet.

Bedroom number two, three and four.

The laundry room. One of the biggest reasons I would live on base. With the addition of the third little one, I can only imagine how many loads of laundry will be done each week. I don't think I could keep up with a Japanese washer and predominantly outside line drying.

In addition to all the storage upstairs, each unit also got two storage boxes. This would alleviate our fears of what to do with my craft and holiday boxes.

I also really liked the location. The tower is located between the elementary school and the CDC, plus we have a playground out front, still called Dino Park, which is perfect for both EJ and CJ.

The director allowed us to choose any of the available units and pick our move-in date. It didn't get much better than that but we were still reluctant to say yes until we were sure there was nothing off base. After a couple days of looking at houses though we scheduled to move into an eighth floor unit on February 14. The more I think about moving to the tower, the more excited I am getting.

It will be a memorable Valentines Day!

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