Hamazushi Go-Round

When we ask EJ where she wants to go to dinner her answer is always a resounding "sushi-go-round."

Since our first couple weeks were carless while we waited for our driver's licenses we were quick to discover all the walkable restaurants. Our sponsors recommended Hamazushi, a relatveily new restaurant only ten minutes walk straight north from the main gate. I think the building used to be an Applebees when we were here before.

Our first visit was a hit. I can't think of a better type of restaurant to take kids to. Food is immediately available, passing plates provide continuous entertainment, the noise level from the electronic machines and other families is loud enough to cover the kid's squeals of delight as the food is delivered, at at 100 yen/plate we usually leave quite full for under $20.

The sushi-go-rounds we visited our first tour lacked the electronic ordering systems that are popular now. Gone are the times of having to remember the names of our dishes if we wanted them delivered fresh. With the touch of some buttons our whole night's meal can be ordered. From sushi to soup to dessert.

EJ has been quite adventurous with the sushi she tries. She has even gotten DaddyO to order some that I don't normally see him eat.

Here they are "shooting" Ikura rolls.

Nothing like salty bubbles bursting in your mouth. She finished the bite but one order was enough.

When CJ hears we are headed to the sushi-go-round his first words are "lollipop, lollipop." He wants to be sure he has his dessert order in early.

His "lollipop" is actually pounded rice mochi balls filled with bean paste. I think he likes the dish more for the ball factor than the taste factor but it's just one more way to get protein in him so I don't mind.

DaddyO and EJ usually go for one of the cakes.

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