First Barbershop Cut

DaddyO has given CJ a some great haircuts. With CJ's hair starting to grow over his ears and our scissors and clippers still packed away we knew it was time for CJ to get his first professional cut.

We all joined DaddyO at the barbershop for the cut. The kiddos watched DaddyO get his cut first.

Then it was CJ's turn. He wasn't thrilled to be sitting on the chair at first with his body covered. A lollipop was quickly offered.

Once it was inserted in the mouth the crying quickly stopped and the barber could start with the electric clippers.

Then a bit was snipped off the top.

Before he knew it his haircut was complete.

He not only got to show off his new haircut to his sister but also had a pink lollipop to share with her.


Whenever we pass the barbershop or DaddyO heads in for a haircut CJ asks for one himself. I think the lollipops left an impression.

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