Winter Strawberries

I was happy to find out that we arrived in the middle of Japan's winter strawberry season. The Japanese take their fruit very seriously. A box of twelve perfectly packaged berries can cost as much as 2,000 yen ($20). The average though is about 600 yen ($6) for a pint size package. Once you bite into a sweet juicy berry you realize the reason for the higher cost. Instead of growing as big of a crop as possible the Japanese thin the blossoms to only the best so the plant can put all of it's nutrients into the select few. This means less berries to sell but a superior quality.

Our sponsor took us to a strawberry greenhouse right outside the front gate. She said that if the strawberry flag was flying that meant there were pints of strawberries to be bought.

We waited in the car as she walked to the stand and picked us up a package.

For 600 yen ($6) she brought us strawberries that tasted like candy.

They were the sweetest most delicate strawberry I had ever tried. The flesh melted as the sweetness lingered in your mouth. As with fine cheese, the kids inhaled them and I don't know if they fully appreciated what they were eating. There are a few strawberry greenhouses in the area that we will have to visit. Then the kiddos can gobble up as many as they want in thirty minutes.


I think the strawberries left a bit of an impression on EJ though since she was excited to find the strawberry ads in the train stations with me.

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