Lunch at Lupicia

I have had a long affair with Lupicia tea. It all started when I discovered one of their stores while living down the road from Oak City Mall. The variety, smell, and flavor of their tea immediately caught my attention and before I knew it I had canisters full of green, black and oolong teas. I visited the store so much one of the clerks eventually told me that they offered tea classes at their Tokyo store. I quickly signed up for one and from there invited friends to go along as well. The teacher spoke excellent English and told me about their flagship store and restaurant in Jiyugaoka. Needless to say I visited the restaurant numerous times with friends and even hosted Home is Where We Are's baby shower there.

When DaddyO offered to go there for our AOB/ICR field trip I jumped on the chance. What a wonderful husband!

CJ had been having some difficulty being left at the CDC while we attended classes so he got to enjoy the excursion with us. We started off with our class on a bus ride to the train station.

From Sagami-Otsuka we took the Sotetsu Line to Yokohama. We switched to the Tokyu/Minatomirai Line for a limited express ride north to the Jiyugaoka stop.

As always, CJ was enthralled with the trains.

From the station it was a five to ten minute walk past trains, restaurants and stores.

DaddyO found the Honda Cub scooter he wants along the way. Notice the child's seat up front?!

Then there it was, after five years I was back and it was as I left it. A beautiful Valentines display greeted us at the front. 

We rode the elevator to the second floor and had a table waiting for us.

I found when I was checking their restaurant's website the day before (thanks Google translate) that reservations were required for children under the age of three. I called and was easily able to make a reservation.

I should have done the same for their menu page. Everything was in Japanese. I knew that all the prices were for set lunches which included bottomless tea, bread, and a dessert at the end.  The tea is ordered from a from a small menu of the selections available that day.

I started off with hot Darjeeling and ended with cold Mountain Grape Oolong. If you go to this link and type the tea's number in the top left "search" box you can find out what tea is being offered.

CJ was impressed by the variety of food on his plate. 

DaddyO and I pointed at different sets and hoped that it was something we'd enjoy. I ended up with a tasty pasta dish.

DaddyO with vegetable and meat curry. 

It wasn't the romantic lunch we had hoped for but CJ enjoyed the one-on-one time and we enjoyed the atmosphere nonetheless. I was thrilled to have a couple tins of tea to enjoy at the lodge with EJ for tea time.

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