Moving In

Our original move in date was supposed to be Valentines Day when we planned to live on "stick" furniture for a couple weeks before our household goods arrived. Fortunately DaddyO received an e-mail a week before our move-in that our household goods had arrived early so we moved up the date a couple days and had all our stuff delivered at once!

We normally just have the movers unload and mark off the boxes and then we do all the unpacking and assembly, but this time we took advantage of them offering to do all of that for us.

Everything went back into one piece.

 And found a place.

DaddyO spent the day overseeing the unpacking craziness. Five guys showed up so it was quite the whirlwind. The kids and I brought lunch (noodles of course) and tried to stay out of the way as much as possible.

They were very excited about all the boxes.

And were quick to find their toys.

In the end our lobby was filled with boxes and packing paper which thankfully left with the movers.

Now the organization and putting away begins!

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