Ikego Train Ride

It's nice to arrive in a country and already have friends. Thanks to the Navy some dear friends of ours from flight school were stationed just a train ride away. We dug out our old Pasmo cards, they still worked and still had the money we left on them, and caught a ride to the train station.

We felt like old pros going through the ticket gates but we did have a bit to learn about riding with a stroller. We thought we were using our streamlined one, can't imagine a BOB, and found it still  didn't fit through the ticket gates and barely all fit in an elevator. DaddyO got to use special gates.

Once through we jumped on the train bound for Yokohama and used our Iphones to figure out the rest. The phones were just making their appearance our last stay, we didn't have one, and I can already tell they will revolutionize the way we travel!

The best part of riding the train was the kiddos excitement. This was a whole new experience for them.

I was happy to see the beautiful storefront displays and fun illustrations were still the norm. Something I will never tire of taking pictures of.

Of course we had to make a quick stop at a bakery to pick up some fresh bread.

Then it was a relaxing evening with friends. Ms. Fit stretched out all of the kids travel kinks

Then made us a delicious Paleo dinner. EJ was thrilled to be back behind a stove helping.

Since they are waiting for their orders to pop we don't know how long we have to see them on this side of the world but are going to enjoy it while we can!

We were still battling jet lag so the kids were fast asleep the whole train ride home.

It made for a quiet ride.

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