Yamato Excursion

 A five block radius around Yamato Station used to be our old stomping ground. It had everything we could possibly need. A four story craft store, multiple grocery stores, electronic stores, bakeries, restaurants, go-carts, etc. We decided to spend a Saturday morning seeing the station and visiting one of our favorite sushi restaurants. Still carless we started off with th ten minute walk to the front gate.

Instead of walking another twenty minutes to catch a train at Sagamino, we decided to try out the trains and ride to Sagamiotsuka instead. The stand is across the street from the front gate.

The time schedule is posted. Left is weekday buses, middle is weekend.

The kids watched and watched for the bus to pull up and were excited when they finally spotted it.

Our Pasmo cards made this ride an ease as well. We just flashed them on the machine and found a spot to sit.

Yamato Station was just one train stop away. Everything seemed the same. Valentines Day is just around the corner so the trees were wrapped for the occasion.

We couldn't resist a stop at the bakery to pick up some Valentine treats ourselves.

EJ chose the chocolate dipped pastry cookies.

She thoroughly enjoyed the treat.

Just down the street on the north side of the station is an ally that houses our favorite sushi restaurant. One of my Japanese English classes introduced me to the hole in the wall restaurant our first year living here. I was so thankful they did because I never would have had the courage to try it on my own for the first time. It ended up being a weekly lunch spot when DaddyO was in port and we got very spoiled to have such a delicious sushi place just a short walk away.

Like most things we have found so far, not much had changed in the restaurant.The chefs were the same, the waitresses were the same, the menu the same. The only minor difference we found was that unagi (eel) was no longer on their lunch menu due to its increased price.

We had only ever visited during lunch since their special was such a great deal. They still had the same deal. Eight pieces of sushi (your choice), miso or udon soup, chawanmushi, dessert, and green tea for 10,000 yen ($10).

The quality of the fish and dishes is exceptional. The miso soup comes with the crawfish heads still flavoring the broth, and the chawanmushi contains large chucks of seafood within the light egg custard. It felt like a feast with all the dished laid out before us.

They seemed to be happy to have our two kids visit the restaurant and gave the kids sushi suckers as we left.

We made a quick stop at the second floor bookstore of Yamato station so EJ could pick up a birthday present for a friend. The store not only had books but fun toys as well. EJ was excited about the purchase.

Then it was back on the train and to the bus stop to wait for our return ride to base.

It was a successful trip to Yamato and the rest of our day was spent celebrating with the birthday boy.

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