First Day of Preschool

EJ has had quite a few first experiences since our arrival to Japan. One I wasn't expecting to happen quite so soon was her attending her first day of preschool. She got to try it out for a week while we attended AOB/ICR (orientation to base and Japanese culture class) and enjoyed it so much I signed her up for part day preschool so she could get three hours of playtime and learning each morning. It helped that she became friends with a little girl down the hall in our Lodge and they both started in the same classroom together. She is excited to be doing everything she reads about in the books

With Valentines just a couple days away she brought "Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine" for show and tell. She is counting down the days till their Valentine party.

I am looking into Japanese preschools but it would mean longer days for her (9 to 2 p.m.) and more of a commitment. Since the Japanese school year starts in April we still have a little time to make the decision. For now I'm enjoying the fact that she asks to go to school and is coming home happy and exhausted from her morning of fun and we still have the afternoon together for me to teach what I want. 

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