Grandma and Grandpa Day

With all the craziness going on during our Thanksgiving vacation Grandma and Grandpa gave us some true time off and took the kids for a day excursion to Jim Thorpe, PA. It is a beautiful town tucked in the Pocono Mountains with fabulous hiking and biking trails surrounding it.

They loaded up their bikes and trailer and spent the morning biking along the river.

It was CJ's first time in the trailer and he lasted for a bit but definitely preferred hiking with his big sister over sitting next to her.

EJ got some more rock throwing instruction from Grandpa.

CJ watched and took notes.

After a morning of excercise and fresh air they were ready to enjoy some pizza downtown at Antonio's, their favorite pizzeria.

CJ loved the crust!

They finished up the day at Country Junction, as the "worlds largest general store" it is a great stop for fun ranging from feeding goats and chickens, to watching a Disney movie in plush arm chairs.

The Christmas tree lot was filled with larger than life animals.

And EJ found her dream pink Christmas tree. Thankfully there wasn't room in the car to bring it home.

DaddyO and I were amazed how much we could and did get done with quiet and no distractions. I did start to miss them by late afternoon and DaddyO started asking if I thought they were alright. I guess that just proves that we can't go for more than one day without all their wonderful noise and chaos.

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