Happy Birthday Jesus

Birthdays are a big deal for EJ. She pretends birthdays, counts down to birthdays, and gets very excited when someone else has a birthday. So the celebration of Jesus birth is what we are trying to stay focused on during the holidays and we are reexamining a lot of our holiday traditions to see how we can gear them towards his birth.
sugar cookie nativity
Instead of waking up and checking her stocking Christmas morning we had a birthday cake and candles ready to sing happy birthday to Jesus. It was the perfect segue into opening the presents. This year the kids had multiple presents to open but we've decided that in the years to come we will limit the gifts to three (one from mommy, one from daddy, and when they ask for) to keep it in line with the three gifts Jesus received from the magi. Since this Christmas wasn't about presents but about the celebration with family of this special day we were all left with a sense of peace and contentment after the presents were opened and the day was over. I don't think I'll have to worry about the magical feeling ever disappearing.

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