Grandparent Getaway

last condo sunrise
DaddyO and I got to experience what having just one child was like again while EJ spent the weekend without us at the grandparents.

When Grandma offered to drive down to VA, pick up EJ, and then drive back up to PA, we immediately agreed to the idea. Things have been a bit hectic preparing to close and move into our new house, and the opportunity for EJ to get some one on one time while we handled the craziness was appealing. This would be the first time she was away from DaddyO and me but she said she was ready for it. She had a couple days with Grandma visiting us in VA before she made the drive north.


I didn't expect her to have any difficulties with being away and she didn't! She excitedly told us over the phone about the cookie baking and other Christmas activities she was doing with Grandma and Grandpa, and we told her how excited we were to join her in a couple days.


I must say I really started to miss her at the end of our separation and was excited to be reunited. It is nice to know that weekend (and possibly week long) getaways are an option in our future.

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