Thanksgiving 2012

 It had been ten years since we had a Thanksgiving meal with family. Talking with Navy friends I think this is a common occurrence. With most of us far away from family and making a trip home for Christmas this holiday is left to celebrate on our own.

Being within a six hour drive from family this year we made sure this Thanksgiving would be with them. 

The kids went from scowls to smiles with Uncle J first thing in the morning.

Grandpa made egg hash for breakfast.

Then Grandma started on the cooking. EJ was excited to help her and Miss C.

Once the Macy's Day Parade started EJ was glued.

She loved the Broadway dancers at the beginning and was thrilled to see that Cinderella was coming to Broadway!

The weather was warm and beautiful so we spent some time at the neighborhood park getting some energy out before the big meal.

EJ got the rest out on the trampoline.

Grandma baked the turkey to perfection.

And DaddyO was happy to carve to it.

After a morning of busy preparation we were ready to sit down for a relaxing meal.

We complete the day with Pin the Tail on the Turkey. The turkey headdress made the kids smile.

And then watched Mouse on the Mayflower, a movie that we grew up watching every Thanksgiving that just resurfaced on the internet. It brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

Family, friends and food made every hour of our car ride up for the holiday worth it. We will see where we are next year...

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