Colonial Williamsburg Christmas

A deal from Groupon for Colonial Williamsburg popped up just in time for us to visit over the Christmas holiday. We drove through the town a few years ago but I forgot how close and wonderful this historic village is to visit. DaddyO had a whole day off in the middle of the week so we thought we'd take advantage and enjoy a quiet day strolling through the town.

EJ dressed in the closest thing I could find that reminded me of colonial times...

As we passed through the kids barn I saw a couple dresses that I'd love to make for her next visit.


There was a farm that taught what life was like outside the city during the 1700's. They even had cattle and the species of cattle and sheep that would have been raised by the colonists.

The stately governors palace was the first building we passed on our way into the city and we admired the wreath and crown at the top of the gate.

The kids were still to young to do the guided tours through the houses (each being 30 plus minutes and requiring complete silence) but we did enjoy visiting the outlying building and shops.

We learned how meals were prepared by the servants.

How baskets were woven.

And even put together some puzzles.

Then EJ went on a scavenger hunt hitting all the child friendly places.


She got a whole punch at each place and once she received enough punches she was awarded with a special pin which she wore proudly the rest of our visit.

There weren't as many Christmas decoration as I expected, but then I guess they didn't decorate as elaborately as we do now,I think we have Queen Victoria to thank for many of our decorations and traditions, but I did admire the simple yet beautiful wreathes hung on many of the doors.

I also picked up some ideas from the accessory shop on baby presents I would like to make for friends. The idea behind the pin cushion below is that the mother to be could use the pins in it to make the child's dresses in years to come.

We had a wonderful day at this colonial town. It is a place I plan on bringing the kids back to in the upcoming year.

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