Eight Months Old

 CJ turned eight months at the beginning of the Christmas season and has brought a lot of energy and cheer to this special holiday. I never am caught up with my Christmas preparation and having two little ones vying for my attention has caused me to fall further behind. Fortunately it doesn't matter to this little guy if I have my cards off early or everyone on my list has a present, he pats my back and smiles either way and is a reminder of what Christmas is really about.

Bath time is CJ's favorite activity. If we're not watching him closely he will quickly crawl to one of the bathrooms and we will finding him standing at the edge of the bath tub squealing with excitement. He splashes the time away when it is his lucky night to have a bath.

There is no limit to what he eats now. DaddyO has tried almost everything, sometimes with my questioning, but so far we haven't found anything besides bland baby food and spicy chili that he doesn't like. The more texture and taste the better. He does prefer the food to pass through his hands before inserted in mouth so meal time is never a tidy activity.


He wakes up in the morning and the first person he looks for in bed is his big sister. He'll climb over DaddyO and me to get to her and is excited when he finds her awake. If she isn't half asleep she'll reciprocate with a bear hug.

EJ helped us with his eight month photo shoot and wanted to get her picture taken as soon as he was done with the laundry basket. What a difference in size!

They grow up so quickly. I guess that's why I can't get enough hugs and kisses right now.

They're just so loveable!

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