Brognard Okie House

DaddyO's uncle moved into an old colonial house, built in the early 1800s, a few years ago with his six children. I heard many wonderful things about the house and got to see it first hand when we visited over Thanksgiving vacation. 

The setting is idealistic. Rolling horse pastures surround the house and there is a pond behind it filled with geese.

The kids fed the horses some carrots and pet their noses.

Then EJ and JoJo walked back to the house hand in hand for some indoor fun.

Aunt Sue introduced EJ to their pet bunny while DaddyO and I got a tour of the house. We learned about its history and the famous architect Brognard Okie who designed and remodeled it in the early 1900s. Seeing the design and details of this house gave us a lot of ideas for the remodeling our Pensacola house.

Since all the immediate family was together again we took a moment for a family photo.

We almost got everyone looking and smiling for the shot which is an accomplishment with the growing family.

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