We've Moved!

We knew it was the one as soon as we walked into the house. We hadn't originally planned on buying during out tour in VA but decided a few days after DaddyO's return from deployment. The beach condo was nice but not conducive to kid and dog living, and with interest rates so low and the cost of rentals so high, we thought we'd give finding a house a chance. Everything seemed to fall into place. We stumbled on a fabulous real estate agent on Zillow and fell in love with the second house we walked through.

DaddyO was constantly on the phone and computer to ensure the house would be ours so it was a wonderful feeling when it finally was. Grandma watched the kids while we went to the closing.

And had a date in our new house.

The relaxing feeling didn't last long though as we thought of the packrats waiting outside to be unloaded and the boxes to be unpacked. Fotunately DaddyO's shooter friends showed up the next day to help carry off all the heavy items.

CJ had fun discovering all the fun stuff we had packed away.

We spent the weekend getting as much done as we could before we headed to PA for the holidays. There were still a lot of boxes to unpack when we left but our goal of having the kitchen and bedrooms ready was accomplished.

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