Seven Months Old

Mobile, that is the word for month 7. Now that CJ knows crawling can get him wherever he wants to go, he is moving nonstop. Once he gets there he pulls himself up and starts chattering away.

EJ is starting to realized the fun potential her little brother has. She incorporates him into her imaginary school or house scenarios, and he is happy for the attention. She's my right hand helper always eager to share her food with him and is a pro at helping with dirty diapers one wet one at a time.

CJ loves music, he smiles and coos whenever a song is sung to him. He prefers chewing books a bit more than having them read to him right now. With mouth full of eight teeth he can do a bit of damage. The drooling is nonstop. He goes through numerous outfits each day.

Our sleeping schedule is pretty routine. He usually falls asleep around 8:30 p.m. with me. He then sleeps by himself till around 2 a.m. when he's back in bed with us. He's up at 7 a.m., much earlier then EJ, so we get a good bit of bonding time together in the morning. 

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