On the Ice Again

We are at the stage where traditions are starting to be made. I'm not sure how many times are required to officially make it a tradition, or if just deciding to it every year suffices, either way we have decided that ice skating on Christmas Eve is a tradition we would like to continue. We had so much fun last year that I kept my eye out for ice skates for DaddyO and EJ and they got to hit the ice with their won pairs this year.

EJ still held our hands most of the circles around the ice, but she was much steadier on her feet and I think after a few more times practicing she will be doing it on her own.

no hands
We were hoping that CJ would be able to hit the ice for the first time but found out no baby carrying was allowed.

Fortunately he was happy as could be watching from the other side of the glass. It's crazy to think that he will be skating along with us next year.

We warmed up in the ice house and enjoyed some hot chocolate. CJ was all tuckered out from the excitement but EJ would have continued skating if she could.

This is a Christmas tradition we will have to remember!

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