Merry Christmas 2012

williamsburg, va
Dear Family and Friends,

2012 has brought waves of changes. We moved from Pensacola, FL to Norfolk, VA one year ago where DaddyO started his shooter tour on the USS Enterprise. We had a couple months together in Virginia Beach overlooking the ocean before DaddyO spent eight month floating on the ocean. I was eight months pregnant when he left and the Navy decided he'd be missing the birth this time.

Fortunately CJ arrived right on time and the birth was "easy." The three of us stayed with my parents in Bethlehem, PA during the deployment and are so thankful for all of the family and friend support and help while DaddyO was away.

CJ's passport was rushed and the plans fell into place to meet DaddyO in Bahrain during a ship's port call, a true Navy adventure. DaddyO held CJ for the first time in immigration at the military terminal at the Bahrain International Airport.

The last few months of deployment seemed to fly by especially with the suspected arson fire in our neighbor's house which spread and damaged our home in Pensacola. DaddyO's didn't have much down time after his homecoming. Free time was filled with phone calls as contractors worked in Pensacola and we found a place to settle in Norfolk.

We are ready for another exciting year as the Navy will move us again before this time next year.

We wish you the merriest Christmas and a year full of cheer.

Love, DaddyO, Pearl, EJ, CJ, and Capri.

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