Last Big E Tour

The crowds were gone and the pier wide open when we visited a day after the homecoming. I didn't think DaddyO would want to return to the Big E right after pulling into port, but he was a trooper and gave us our own special tour of the ship he had lived on the last eight months. With it's decommissioning in less than a month, this would probably be our last time on the legendary ship.

EJ seemed to remember her last tour of the ship (boy has she changed) and was thrilled to get to show the "big boat" to her cousins.

Our first stop was DaddyO's stateroom. EJ and CJ got to see all the crafts and decorations they had sent him displayed over his rack.

I received quite a few e-mails describing the food on the ship so it was nice to see where he "enjoyed" all his meals. We even got to share some ice cream cones around the table together.

Next we went up to the flight deck, as immense and impressive as ever, to see where DaddyO shot all the aircraft.

From there we headed to the tower and before climbing to the top learned how they moved the aircraft around on deck.

The kids even got their very own Enterprise diecut  F/A-18 aircraft momento. EJ flew hers around the rest of the tour.

I remember DaddyO mentioning that the Enterprise was in Top Gun (of course his favorite movie as a child) but I didn't realize what a great scene the tower had in it.

Aunt L and I got a picture with the dice.

DaddyO spent quite a few hours in this tower as micro boss directing the aircraft around.

EJ had fun  doing the same.

 Then she got to see where the boat was driven. Such a small wheel for such a big boat!

The CO's chair was just short walk away and the perfect fit for EJ.

We completed our tour in the "shooter shack" where the kids tried on some of the gear DaddyO wore on the flight deck.

 I don't know how many flight of stairs we went up and down by the end of the tour, but am relieved to say that all four of our little ones survided and they slept very well that night.

Just another couple weeks till the decomissioning ceremony and then the ship will start it's slow dissasembly. It will be fun to tell the kids in years to come (when they're allowed to tell watch Top Gun) that they were on that ship and have some fabulous memories of where DaddyO worked.

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