First Snow

It was a white Christmas for us this year. As if on cue the snow started falling Christmas Eve on our way to the candlelight service. EJ got to wake up to a layer of white Christmas morning but it disappeared before we could get out and play in it. Fortunately another storm hit the day after Christmas and we had plenty of time to bundle the kids up and head out with Avia and the cousins.

EJ has been reading about making snow angels in a couple of her winter books so of course that was the first thing she wanted to do.

The second was to see how it tasted.

It was glorious!

This was CJ's first snow and he peeked out and giggled the whole walk.

The cold didn't seem to bother him one bit but Capri needed some warming up.

We weren't sure if we'd need out snow gear this trip and it was wonderful getting the opportunity to bundle the kids up for a walk in the snow.

We warmed up in front of the fire when we returned home and the kiddos gave me a nice long afternoon nap.

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