Train to Philly

 DaddyO has many fond memories of riding the train into Philly as a child/teenager so he thought it would be fun to have the same experience with the kids. What better time to ride into the city than Christmas?

We drove to his local station. DaddyO dropped us off to buy tickets as he parked and we ran to catch the next train together. Once on the train we got to sit back and enjoy the scenery passing by.

We passed stations that brought back memories for Avia.

Then we were at 30th Street Station and ready to explore the city.

Christmas decorations were everywhere and EJ took them all in.

Our first stop was Macy's for their Christmas Light Show and Dicken's Christmas Village display. We got there early for the show and had fun watching the people around us as we waited.

Julia Andrews narrated the show and the lights and organ music were spectacular.

Then it was up to the second floor for the old fashioned Dickens Village.

Reading Terminal is our favorite place to go for a great selection of food. There is something for everyone.

The kids especially liked the "Holiday Railroad" display with over 500 square feet of buildings and a third of a mile of track.

After a delicious lunch we had energy to see more.

We bustled past city hall and across 15th St. to the Christmas Village in JFK Plaza.

EJ found an empty stage there just asking to be performed on. She stripped off her jacket and did just that.

A small audience gathered to cheer her on as she put on her own little show complete with sung music.

Our last stop was Rittenhouse Square for a stroll through the park.

EJ had a live band to dance to!

I think these were the memories DaddyO envisioned when he planned the trip into the city.

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